Google brings health cards in India, with 400 disease results

Search for a disease on phone like Dengue , hit enter, to see the health card.

Google brings health cards in India, with 400 disease results

Google has launched health cards in India today. After one year of launch in US, Google has launched this feature in India.

Result will appear in desktop and in Android as card. In association with Apollo Hospital, google is validating and reviewing the results.

According to Google, it covers around 400 diseases for now, and will be expand further.

How health cards in India works

When a user search for a disease on his phone or on desktop, card appear on the top of search. For instance, when a user types Dengue or Malaria, the information card appears right hand side with an illustration, the symptoms, possible treatments, even data on which age groups are more vulnerable.

Google launches Health Cards in India

“Around the world, health conditions are amongst the most important things that people ask Google about. In fact, one in 20 searches are for health related information,” said Prem Ramaswami, Senior product manager, Health search endeavours at Google.

“The plans are to make health information universally available. We collaborated with AIMS, we collaborated with other hospital entities,” said Ramaswami.

“You can’t target India, if you don’t target the neglected tropical diseases like Malaria and Dengue,” said Anoopam Sibal of Apollo Hospitals.

In the case of certain queries, high quality illustrations will available which users will be able to download as a PDF.

Note: Google specifies that these cards are like indicators and guidelines and not the basis for specific treatment.

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