Google Art Camera : Helping museums to preserve Artwork

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Google Art Camera : Helping museums to preserve Artwork

Before the Google I/O 2016, Google revealed Google Art Camera. A camera created for the Google Cultural Institute to photograph artworks from museums around to world to archive and preserve them.

The camera is powerful with gigapixel. You can zoom in to see all the brush strokes and dabs of oil paint in a Van Gogh piece, for example.

In its first five years, the Google Cultural Institute scanned and archived 200 works of art. Now in just the past few months, it has managed to scan another 1,000. Thanks to Google Art Camera.

“The capture time has been reduced drastically,” says Marzia Niccolai, technical program manager at the Cultural Institute. “Previously it could take almost a day to capture an image. To give you an idea, now if you have a one meter by one meter painting, it would take 30 minutes.”

Google has built 20 units of the Art Camera and is lending them out for digitization.

This is how Google Art Camera works

  • They place camera in front of painting.
  • Photographer points the camera at each edge of the painting or Image.
  • Once the camera knows how big of a space it’s working with, it’ll set off to work. It will start moving moving inch by inch automatically and will take extreme closeups.
  • These closeups are then sent to Google’s servers. Server assembles these closeups into a single gigapixel file, ready to look at just a few hours later.

To help museums their exhibitions with the gigapixel images, Google is sending out the cameras around the world. What’s more, it’s doing so free of charge. The company’s Cultural Institute also made the first thousand art camera images available to celebrate International Museum Day, and you can view the collection right here.

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