Google announced Rich Cards in Search Console

It is only available for recipes and movies category for now.

Google announced Rich Cards in Search Console

Google announced Rich Cards in Search Console today. A new Search result format. Webmaster can use this to enhance their pages, and can control how Google displays their pages in their search result.

Similar to rich snippets, rich cards use structured markup to display content in an even more engaging and visual format, with a focus on providing a better mobile user experience. Here is an example photo comparing the three.

Google announced Rich Cards in Search Console
Image/ Google

Google believes that this feature will help webmaster to attract more visitors. Here is an example by Google.

“For example, if you have a recipe site, you can build a richer preview of your content with a prominent image of each dish. This visual format helps users find what they want right away, so you’re getting users who specifically want that especially delicious cookie recipe you have.”

For now, it is only available for recipes and movies category. They will appear initially on mobile search results in English for

Some recommendation by Google for Rich Cards in Search Console

  • Google strongly recommend using JSON-LD.
  • Find out which fields are essential to mark up in order for a rich card to appear. Google has also listed additional fields that can enhance user’s rich cards.
  • Check preview in refurbished Structured Data Testing Tool. See how the rich card might appear in Search (currently available for recipes and movies).
  • Use  Structured Data Testing Tool to see errors as you tweak your markup in real time.
  • Check how many of your rich cards have been indexed in the new Search Console Rich Cards report.
  • Keep checking for errors. Each error example links directly to the Structured Data Testing tool so you can test it.
  • Use the sitemap to tell Google about your marked up content.
  • In the Rich Cards report, you’ll see which cards can be enhanced by marking up additional fields.

A new “Rich results” filter in Search Analytics (available to beta user) will help you track how your rich cards and rich snippets are doing in search. You’ll be able to drill down and see clicks and impressions for both.