Google announced Data Studio 360: Threat to Microsoft’s PowerBI

only available in the US at the moment

Google announced Data Studio 360

In March, Google announced Data Studio 360. A product to help customers make charts, graphs, and other visualizations of their data.

Google announced a free version of Data Studio 360 for “individuals and small teams”. It’s a little shift that could shake up the market in a big way.

“One of the fundamental ideas behind Data Studio is that data should be easy to access by anyone in an organization. We believe that as more people have access to data, better decisions will be made,” writes Google in a blog entry.

Google announced Data Studio 360The free beta version is not as strong as the paid product. But users can create up to five multi-page shareable and editable reports. You can connect to unlimited Data Sources and can view, edit and collaborate the report unlimited times.

For example, you can join Google Analytics data and Google AdWords data into a single report. It also integrates with Google BigQuery, its popular big data analysis tool in the cloud.

Google announced Data Studio 360Google Data Studio can pull data from AdWords, Google Analytics, YouTube, BigQuery, Attribution 360 and Google Sheets for reporting. You can access the new product at There is an overview of the tool and sample reports.

Data Studio also has an array of other features to help you customize how you present your data. You can use stylistic tools to design your reports to represent your specific brand.

There are also interactive data controls. Like a date picker and dynamic filters. Report editors can use it to make reports interactive for viewers.

Data Studio is similar  to Microsoft’s PowerBI product. PowerBI allows normal business people make use of data without requiring a tech specialist.

But Microsoft is not the alone player with Google in this market. Companies like Tableau, Domo, and Tidemark, which offer free tools, are competing with Google.

Google Data Studio 360 can integrate with Google services. Like Google Sheets spreadsheet tool, Google Analytics, and Google AdWords. You can analyze all your Google-stored business data.

It’s only available in the US at the moment. But Google will roll out Data Studio to other regions by the end of 2016.