Google AMP Update: Easily share AMP Pages

Google AMP Update

A new Google AMP Update is rolling out now. You can now view, copy and share the publisher’s own link to the webpage, instead of the AMP URL.

Google decided to add this feature after some claims, that Google is stealing their traffic, by changing their own URLs to those that had “Google” in the name.

Google AMP UpdateGoogle AMP, a project by Google to speed up web browsing on mobile devices by offering optimized versions of publishers’ sites.

It will display the AMP URL in the search results, which serves up the page content from Google’s cache. But the traffic remains the publisher’s, and the content is served from the publisher’s site.

According to Google,

“URLs and origins represent, to some extent, trust and ownership of content. When you’re reading a New York Times article, a quick glimpse at the URL gives you a level of trust that what you’re reading represents the voice of the New York Times. Attribution, brand, and ownership are clear.”

Google now explain where the webpage content is coming from. It will pop up a header bar on the top of the page that will display the true origin of the page (e.g. “”).

When a user wants to copy, or share a webpage, they generally look to the address bar. Since this is showing a address, it’s not the link people want to bookmark or share with others.


Google AMP Update
Image / Google

Also, in in this Google AMP update, Google will add a button to the header bar that will provide this info. This will display the publisher’s own permalink for the page. The will allow users to use their browser’s share functionality by long-tapping on this link.

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