Click to message ads coming to Google AdWords

Google AdWords introducing click to message ads

Google has confirmed that they will introduce click to message ads in upcoming weeks. Click to message ads were in testing for several months.

We all know about call extensions. But message extension will user to start a conversation in a more easy way. Imagine, no waiting on a call, no bots to talk. Drop an SMS to business, they will get back to you at your convenient time.

Google AdWords introducing click to message adsWhen users click on a message extension or icon, phone’s SMS app will launch automatically with a preformatted text. Advertisers can set up preformatted text, which can be edited by the user.

For example, if you’re a travel advertiser and someone messages you after searching for New York City hotels, they can send or edit your pre-written message text, “I’m interested in a reservation. Please text me back with more information.”

How “click to message ads” works ?

Message extension allows people view and click on your ad. They can contact you directly via SMS.

  • You set up a message extension. See how to setup Message extension here.
  • The user taps on messaging icon in the ad.
  • Their SMS app will open. It will have preformatted text. Users can edit this text. They will send an SMS. It will charge them as per their cellular plan.
  • You will be charged for the click. Like someone clicks on an ad to visit your website.

If you want to learn more about click to message ads, you can check the official documentation here.