Google acquires Synergyse a Startup by Ex-Googlers

Google acquires Synergyse

Google acquires Synergyse. A Toronto-based startup that offers a training service specifically for Google Apps. Google said it will integrate Synergize Training into Google Apps “later this year.”

Synergyse Training provides voice and text interactive modules. You can search by topic and available directly in Google’s apps. Trainings are always upto date, because they are hosted on cloud.

Google refers Synergyse as Virtual Coach. “With voice and text interactive modules that are searchable by topic within our apps, Synergyse will help users get up to speed quickly. The trainings are always up to date, thanks to the power of the cloud.”

“Organizations that use Synergyse see on average 35 percent higher adoption across Apps products. It means those organizations are more likely to be productive, collaborative and embrace digital transformation.”


The Google Apps products (Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, Google+, others) has more than 2 million paying users and businesses. Google wants to grow this figure, and keep the existing customers happy.

Synergyse is “an elegant way to scale our training offerings to our customers and our customers’ users.” According to its website, Synergyse is used by over 3,000 organizations worldwide, supporting 4 million users.

Ex-Google employees, Varun Malhotra and Majid Manzarpour founded the organization in February 2013.

“By joining the Google Apps team, we can accelerate our mission because we will be working even closer with the teams that build Google Apps.” Malhotra, Manzarpour, and CTO Alex Kennberg wrote in a blog post today. Advancing our mission at a faster speed is very exciting for the Synergyse team and our customers will directly see the benefits as we move forward.

Google says it will integrate Synergyse into its own products later this year. Existing customers will be able to continue using the service and new customers can now download the Chrome extension for free.