Beware, Facebook tracking your location

Facebook is tracking your location to suggest a friend

Facebook tracking your location

Facebook tracking your location to suggest a friend. If you keep you location turned on, you may realize that you get friend suggestions based on location.

Remember the feature by Facebook, “People you may know”? The tab offers friend suggestions. These are based on our connections on the social platform apart from other factors.

Kashmir Hill from Fusion reported this. “Thanks to tracking the location of users’ smartphones. The social network may suggest you friend people you’ve shared a GPS data point with. Which means, your friend suggestions could include someone whose face you know. But whose name you didn’t until Facebook offered it up to you,” she writes.

Facebook has clarified that this is not the only reason why users are getting these suggestions.

“The two persons must have had something else in common. Such as overlapping networks,” a Facebook spokesperson added.

“Location information by itself does not show that two people might be friends. That’s why location is only one of the factors we use to suggest people you may know,” the spokesperson said.

So what is the use of location settings on the Facebook mobile app?

“This allows Facebook to build a history of precise locations received through location services on your device. You can see or delete this information in the Activity Log on your profile.”

This sounds like an attack on your privacy. If you hate this, you can prevent this by turning off Facebook’s access to your location.

How to Turn Off Facebook Location Tracking

For iOS

  • Navigate to your iPhone Settings to Privacy.
  • Then to Location Services.
  • Scroll down to Facebook.
  • You can then change the setting to “Never”.

For Android

  • To turn off Location Services for your Android device:
  • Tap Settings > Location.
  • Tap switch to turn on/off Location Services.
  • In older Android devices (OS 5.1.1 and earlier), turning off Location Services turns off location access for the Facebook app.