Facebook to translate users posts in 44 languages

Facebook to translate users posts into 44 languages

Facebook to translate users posts into 44 languages in real time. Facebook is testing a translation tool that will display the post in user’s preferred language.

While 1.5 billion people are using Facebook, only half speak English. The rest speak different languages. The leading social network first made the “multilingual composer” tool available earlier this year.

Facebook to translate users postsYou can use it on pages representing companies, brands, groups, and celebrities through its Pages service. Now it will be available to general users.

“Page authors and other people on Facebook can compose a single post in many languages. The viewers who speak one of those languages will see the post in their preferred language only. This allows people to more easily interact with their diverse audiences,” the company said.

Half of Facebook’s more than 1.5 billion users worldwide speaks a language other than English.

“People use Facebook to communicate and share in many different languages. In fact, 50 percent of our community speaks a language other than English. Most people don’t speak each other’s languages. Given that, we’re always thinking about ways we can help remove language as a barrier to connecting on Facebook.”

To use the feature, you write a post in the language you use. You can then select one of the 45 languages in a drop-down menu near the post. Facebook will auto-fill a translation of the original message in the selected language using AI. Also, your message will automatically appear to each user in the language they usually communicate with.

Facebook displays the multilingual post to a user’s native language. They find their location, language preferences and the language they most commonly post in.

“We’re excited to see this tool help even more people on Facebook. To connect with their friends who speak different languages.” Husa, Mei, and Ayan said in a statement.

This Facebook feature strikes just after 3 days of News Feed Update. You know, Facebook will show posts from your family and friends first. And now, Facebook to translate users posts.

Facebook believes that building the multilingual post experience was only the beginning. Hence, they will continue to iterate on its product design to provide better experiences for authors and viewers.