Facebook New Like Button is Rolling Out: What’s New

Facebook new like button

After a long time, Facebook new Like button is rolling out.

On Wednesday, Facebook announced the rollout for all the users through the globe. So “Like” button now have 5 options Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and Angry — will be available to all users in the next couple of days.

How the Facebook new Like button will work

For Mobile

If you are using Facebook app on your phone, just press and hold the like button and you should have more options as shown in the image below. To undo any reaction, do it like earlier, tap on it and it will remove your reaction from the post.


For Desktop

Hover your mouse on Like button and you should see the additional options, as shown below. To undo any reaction, Click on it again and it will remove your reaction from the post.


You can use these reactions on Post, Videos and Pictures of your Friend so far. The new reactions are not available in comments yet.

Facebook will show top 3 reaction on your post.

What Facebook is saying about New Like Button

After a year of research with focus groups and surveys to determine what types of reactions people would want to use most? Facebook even collected the most used emoticons and top stickers that people were using in their comments.

Facebook Product Manager Sammi Krug. “We totally understand that the Like button is incredibly iconic, it’s been doing great things for Facebook for the last seven years.”

He also added, “The team spent months conducting research and surveying users to hone in on what, exactly, was missing from the Like button.”

While Facebook users were demanding for a “Dislike” button, Mark had some other plan, which explained earlier.