Facebook F8 Conference Day 1 Highlights

Ilya Sukhar on stage at Facebook's F8 Developers Conference 2015
Ilya Sukhar on stage at Facebook's F8 Developers Conference 2015. IMG/ by pestoverde

Facebook F8 Conference annual gathering of Facebook developer community is going on in San Francisco, CA.

Ilya Sukhar on stage at Facebook F8 Conference Conference 2015
Ilya Sukhar on stage at Facebook’s F8 Developers Conference 2015. IMG/ by pestoverde

Mark Zuckerberg showed the layout for company for next 10 years. He explained the new ideas for business and technologies they are working on.

“As I look around the world, I’m starting to see people and nations turning inward,” Zuckerberg said at one point during a keynote speech that mostly focused on new software initiatives. “I hear fearful voices calling for building walls and distancing people they label as ‘others.’ I hear them calling for blocking free expression, for slowing immigration, for reducing trade, and in some cases even for cutting access to the Internet.”

Highlights from Day 1 Facebook F8 Conference

Facebook’s ‘Chatbots’

Mark said, they have opened their Messenger application to engineers to make “chatbots”, a computerized programs that help clients speak with organizations and complete activities like online buying. This will help organizations to provide automated customer support. Their plan is to replace 1-800 numbers in call centres.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s annual F8 conference.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the company’s annual F8 conference.

Facebook already has more than 30 companies in house to deploy chatbots on Messenger, including organization like Burger King, CNN, Ebay and Bank of America. Facebook is also releasing programming tools that other companies can use to build their own chatbots for Messenger.

“We think you should just be able to message a business the same way that you message a friend,” Zuckerberg said, noting many people hate the experience of calling businesses on the phone.

This is to note, Facebook messenger is the second – most used mobile app behind Facebook itself. People doubt the concept, because Business does not happen on messenger, but neither was Facebook. But almost every organization is looking for new customers on Facebook.

Surround 360 Open source VR Camera

Facebook revealed the “Surround 360“, a 3D VR camera with 17 lense that looks like a UFO on a stick and requires almost zero laborious post-production work, unlike most VR rigs. Facebook won’t be selling the Surround 360. Instead, later this summer it will put the hardware designs and video stitching algorithms on Github. All the parts can be bought online for $30,000.

“We do not have ambitions of getting into the camera business, but we realize there wasn’t a good reference camera” Facebook Chief Product Officer Chris Cox said. Facebook will put the Hardware and Algo details on Github, so Everyone can use it.

Key Features of Surround 360

  • High-quality footage: With 17 4-megapixel lenses you can shoot in 4K, 6K, and even 8K, storing the 30-gigabit per second data to a hard drive over USB.
  • Durability: With aluminium casing, it can survive desert and can shoot for hours with overheating
  • Near zero post-production required

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp combined see 3 times more messages than SMS

Facebook’s two messaging services together process 60 billion messages a day, as compared to 20 billion SMS.

Zuckerberg also claimed that Messenger now has more than 900 million monthly active users, up from 800 million in January this year and 700 million in last year’s F8 conference, noting that the app was the company’s fastest growing platform in 2015.

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