Facebook Disappearing message might remind you Mission Impossible

Facebook Disappearing message

Facebook Disappearing message, a new feature launched in Facebook messenger Beta for iOS. You can now send a message and set a time period. After this time period, Facebook will remove the message.  Facebook likes to call self-destructing messages as “disappearing messages”.

It instantly reminds me of Mission Impossible. Every time Ethan gets a new project through a tape. It says “This Message Will Self Destruct in Five Seconds”. Don’t Worry ! I am not going to review Mission Impossible here.

This information was first uncovered by a Twitter account @iOSAppChanges . He stumbled upon this feature on a beta version of the Messenger iOS app. You can see the feature in the screenshots below.

When you enable the option, you will be asked whether you would like the messages to vanish after one minute, 15 minutes, one hour, four hours or one day. The disappearing messages feature has been included in the 68.0 version of the iOS app. Currently beta testers are allowed to preview this feature.

Facebook disappearing messages have already made a debut on the beta version of the iOS app. There is a good chance that Facebook would be trying to include this feature in the upcoming version of the Android app as well.

There is no official announcement from Facebook yet. You can expect an announcement as soon as they have tested and refined the feature.

So why has Facebook thought of enabling this feature? The first reason is to compete with rival messaging app Snapchat. It was one of the first apps to popularise self-destructing messaging especially photos.

Second reason could be Privacy. Facebook owned WhatsApp recently enabled end-to-end encryption and it was welcomed by the public.

For now, it is not clear if Facebook will also remove disappearing messages from its servers once it is removed from the Messenger. Let’s wait till the official announcement comes out.

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