Bing bad ad report 2016: 130 Million Bad Ads blocked

According to the Bing bad ad report 2016, they blocked Bing Ads blocked 130 million ads and banned 175,000 advertisers in 2016.

Bing’s machine learning automation scans and acts on all ads and advertisers that come to the platform. They also perform manual checks occasionally.

Bing introduced new policy around software download advertising. This helped to reduced unwanted and potentially malicious ads for many top free software programs.

Bing bad ad report 2016

Bing bad ad reportPhishing: More than 5,000 advertisers and 7,000 sites were blocked for phishing. In 2015, Bing Ads blocked 2,000 advertisers.

Counterfeit: More than 1 million ads were blocked for selling counterfeit goods. In 2015, 700,000 ads were blocked.

Tech Support Scams: More than 17 million ads were blocked for third-party tech support scams. In 2015, 15 million ads and 25,000 sites were blocked.

Download: More than 4 million ads were rejected for violating download-related guidelines.

Scareware: More than 300 advertisers were blocked for ads that hijack the browser or scare users that their PC is infected.

Misleading Ads: 7 million ads were blocked for misleading content. This is a huge drop compared to 2015, when Bing rejected 30 million ads.

Bing says, “if one person took a minute to find and take down a bad ad or actor, it would take them nearly 500 years to remove the same number of bad ads or actors found by our automated methods in 2016.”

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