Benefits of Using an Open Source CMS (INFOGRAPHIC)


Increasingly, students getting ready to enter the workforce are finding out that maintaining an active web presence is the key to getting the best offers at the top firms.

Whether you are building a portfolio of your artwork or building designs or just showcasing your insights in your chosen field, a website with blogs and other media attached gives you something to point your interviewers to show off the highest quality work you are capable of.

Of course, for students that did not specialize in a technical field, putting together a website can be a daunting prospect.

Thankfully, modern software has a solution for the non-tech-savvy, in the form of content management systems (CMS). These computer programs act as a go-between with you and the internet, helping take the hard coding work out of web design.

Different programs are designed for different degrees of programming aptitude, with some CMSs basically letting you choose from a template list and others offering a series of modular components for you to pick whatever suits your needs.

Many of these programs are “open source,” with their source code and the program itself available to consumers for free. This not only saves you money but helps you access a host of other users with helpful advice.

This infographic from CopyPress and Cheeky Monkey is a brief guide to some of the most well-known options forĀ CMS software. With the basic knowledge on the graphic and a little research, you should find it easier than ever to stake out your own little piece of the web.

Benefits of Using an Open Source CMS (INFOGRAPHIC)