Apple received $1 Billion to make Google as default search engine

Uploaded ToApple received $1 Billion to make Google

In 2014, Google paid Apple $1 billion just to keep its search engine as the default on the iPhone, Bloomberg reports.

Apple and Google wanted to hide this information from the public.

According to court documents reviewed by Bloomberg, Google paid Apple a 1 billion dollar (or maybe more) in 2014 to remain the default search engine on iPhones.

The figure was observed in a transcript of court proceedings from Oracle’s lawsuit against Google regarding the usage of their Java technology. Google’s lawyer requested the court to keep the figure secret from the public, but the court denied the request.

According to unknown term in the agreement, Apple gets profit sharing which Google makes through Apple’s devices.

On mobile devices, Safari is the second highest web browser, and if you open your safari in apple iPhone, the search field is linked to Google by default. Mean, more people search the Internet, more ad they see, and more revenue Google generates.