Apple launches Apple News Format for all publishers

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Apple has finally announced that he will let all the publishers to publish their content to Apple News.

Apple is rolling out new Apple News Format for all the publishers. This will help the publishers from large or small business or even individual bloggers. They can create rich multimedia stories using Apple News App.

Screenshot of Apple News Publisher

Till now, this facility was limited to few executive partners while everyone else were restricted to use simple RSS import.

Recently, google has launched Accelerated Mobile Pages that loads 4 times faster than normal web page and uses less data connection. Facebook has also announced Instant article to be coming soon. So looks like Apple has also jumped into the battle.

What is Apple News Format?

A custom file article.json to render content in Apple News app. According to Apple documentation,

Apple News Format is the custom JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) document format for News content. With Apple News Format, you can create signature content for News. Beautiful typography, rich photo galleries, videos, and fun animations bring your articles to life. You can author once and News will optimize your content for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, so your readers will have a great experience no matter which device they’re using.

To start with Apple News Format you must sign up as a publisher first. Apple will review the application and will respond you. If you want to register as publisher right now, you can sign up with News Publisher website.

To read instruction on how to setup Apple News Publisher account, check their documentation.

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