Android N is Android Nougat now, officially

Android N is Android Nougat now

Android N is Android Nougat now. Yes, the next version of Android finally has a name.

Google on Thursday named the latest version of its Android mobile software. Until now it was known as Android N.Android N is Android Nougat now (2)

Google showcased many Android Nougat features at Google I/O in May. They also announced a contest allowing fans to submit “N” name suggestions for the new Android update. The Android team use to decide what Android N would be called. But Nougat is the first Android OS to have fans take part in its naming.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai got this idea during his visit to India last year. He said that the next name would be decided by an online poll. The nation’s 1.3 billion people, he quipped, could choose the name of an Indian sweet.

First, it has to proceed alphabetically from the last version. Second, it has to be a candy or dessert. For example, “K” was for 2013’s KitKat, “L” was for 2014’s Lollipop, and “M” is for Marshmallow.

Google spokeswoman said the company received millions of submissions from around the world, and that Nougat was one of the most popular non-brand suggestions.

While we have the name, the version number is still unknown. Android Marshmallow is 6.0, so Nougat will probably be 6.1 or 7.0. It includes features like Daydream VR, revamped notifications, split-screen apps, and more. Android Nougat will be available to Nexus devices in a month or two.