AMP page performance in Google Search console: Google Update

Xml sitemap for amp pages not required

In a recent announcement, Google said, they are rolling a new update for Google search console. You can now see AMP page performance in Google Search console, as shown in the image below.

AMP page performance in Google Search console“With this, you can filter for AMP results (“which queries lead to my AMP pages being shown?”), compare how their metrics stack against other search results links, or see how the visibility of your site’s AMP pages has evolved over time. It’s visible for all sites that show AMP pages in Search.”

You can now actually see what Queries are providing you these types of results as well. Select the Query view and then set your Search Appearance and Date filters, without selecting the view radio button.

Google is getting serious about AMP pages. Last week John Mueller announced on Google+ that the Google Search Console report for AMP pages has been updated to improve the categorization.

Google added this report in January 2016 to help publishers debug their AMP errors. This was the first update to the report since then. Today, Google has released another update showing the AMP pages performance in Search Console.

John Mueller added, “If you’ve set up AMP, even if you just installed the AMP plugin for your blog, I’d recommend checking it out.” You can access it by clicking here and selecting a verified site in your Google Search Console profiles.

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