American woman flies to India to attend Facebook son’s wedding

American Citizen Deb and Indian citizen Krishna

American woman flies to India

Like a story, Deb Miller flies from America to attend his Facebook’s son wedding in India.

This is a real story of 60 year old Deb Miller from United Nation and Krishna from India.

28 year old Krishna Mohan Tripathi lost his mother in his early teen-age. He was browsing through profiles on Facebook when he stumbled upon Deb Miller’s profile. Steadily, they started interacting and he began sharing his feelings with her.

Krishna is studying Masters of Science from Awadh University in Faizabad and want to be a lawyer.

On Saturday, after his wedding to Neha, he said he has accepted the invitation of her mom (Deb) and soon he will visit America.

It was a surprise visit for the family and Krishna received the wedding gift in form of Jewellery worth 25 Lakh INR and a 125 year old ring that she had purchased from an auction house in Britain.