Google AdWords offers bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload

bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload

Google AdWords now offers the ability to bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload, according to the latest announcement.

This will help app marketer to reconnect with app users to improve retention and engagement rates.

With the new bulk upload capability, app marketers will be able to export segments of app user IDs from analytics tools and upload them to AdWords. Campaigns can be targeted on apps across the Google Display Network.

Bulk upload for IDFA/advertising ID is now available via AdWords and runs on the Google Display Network.

What is an Apple IDFA?

IDFA means “identifier for advertisers. It’s a random number assigned to you and your device. You can block it if you want. Earlier iOS device used to come with UDID (Unique Device Identifier) which was replaced by IDFA with the release of iOS 6.

If you develop an app and want to submit it to App review, your app must comply with IDFA usage in order to be approved by App Review.

What is AAID for Android?

AAID is unique, anonymous advertising ID for advertising purpose provided by Google Play services.

To learn more about it, please check the official documentation here.